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Changes [?]:

  • Autor: Elys
  • Last version: v4
  • files size: 35,96 MB (37 709 204 B)
  • required: DS 1.11, DS:LoA,
  • downloaded: 8843
Game Modifications:
  • Add item sets to the game.
  • Two additionals models (barbarian/succubus) to choose from the multiplayer character creation screen.
  • Increase attack spell damage depending on the intelligence of the hero
  • Increase damages dealt by all ranged weapons.
  • All Nature "Summon" spells are now named "Call"
  • You can control a summoned and a called creature at the same time.
  • Change to the death system: Each time you die, you lost 6.6% of your current max life (for the game duration only of course) and only a max of 10 times which means you can lost maximum half of your total starting max life.
  • The speed of ghost players is very slow now.
  • Tutorial tips disabled by default
  • "easy" and "hard" difficulty are now equivalent to the "normal" difficulty (I haven't figure yet how to force the game to choose "normal" difficulty)
  • multiplayer difficulty and experience scaling have been modified to be more linear and to compensate the remove of the "easy" difficulty
  • Modify the spell graphic effects of the "Cyclone of Fire" and "Pillar of Fire" to be less visually annoying for other players.
  • Some models and skins have been modified or added.
  • Double hero's inventory size
  • Change max gold in inventory from 9.999.999 to
World Modifications:
  • Add rings and amulets in weapon shops
  • Change various pot quantities in shops
  • Change some drop modifiers in certain shops
  • Remove the hub displacer requirement in towns
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