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  • Autor: Zhixalom
  • Offic. pages:
  • Last version: 3.2
  • files size: 180,03 kB (184 353 B)
  • required: DS 1.11, DS:LoA,
  • downloaded: 12509

A package of 8 inventory mods, this time for 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 screen modes; 3 are for the original Dungeon Siege and 5 are for Legends of Aranna.

  • the gold limit is set to 2100000000.
  • expanded character inventory.
  • expanded donkey inventory.
  • expanded pack animal inventory.
  • expanded backpack.
  • expanded store.
  • expanded multiplayer trade.
  • and of course they are totally independent.

NOTE: The multi-player mode is not designed for large inventories. There is a limit to the amount of items a multi-player character-file can hold. This means if you use an inventory mod that gives you more that 255 items, you will loose the exceeding items when Dungeon Siege saves your characters. This does not happen in single-player mode, because in single-player mode the whole game is saved and not just the characters.

DS/LOAGameMin. ResolutionInventoryBackpackItems
DS Both 640x480 4x13 - 65
DS Both 800x600 8x17 - 149
DS Both 1024x768 11x22 - 255
LOA Both 640x480 4x13 7x13 156
LOA Single-Player 800x600 8x17 8x17 285
LOA Multi-Player 800x600 8x15 8x15 253
LOA Single-Player 1024x768 11x22 12x21 507
LOA Multi-Player 1024x768 8x15 8x15 253
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