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Wleto n1ellcome on website for RPG game Dungeon Siege®, expansion Dungeon Siege - Legends of Aranna and unofficial expansion from fans. This site offer foot-hold for komunity. Guides, Downloads, Gallery, players characters, Forum and more. There will be avaiable also shop-list, where it is possible buy Dungeon Siege or something related. If you want know more about game, read iself from some recension.


Guide and articles for Dungeon Siege 2 its on old site (czech only). 


Site unavailable

od: system 5.4.2015 21:35


Today was site temporarilly unavailable. It was because I changed PHP version and I don't have enough time, to do code cleanup to prevent site blackout.

Please accept my apology.

September 2011 - Januar 2013

od: system 14.2.2013 05:21

After long silence - short info:

Error in configuration of this site, which cause recently nonavailability of this site, was removed. My apologies for Everyone.

After year i learn how to combine my child, family, job and development of this site together, so i hope it push things forward in near future.

I buy domain gemsite.org, where will be moved this site, after i complete new version.

April - August

od: system 31.7.2011 16:16

For past few months, and possible in next 3 months, there will be no updates on site. I focus on getting done major script change under hood, so i will be able make changes in code more easily.

PS.: I hear that Dungeon Siege 3 was released :p , but this site is focused only on DS1, so don't try find something for DS3 here.

December - March

od: system 30.3.2011 17:07

After long time, there is small update. Real-life is requesting more time, so there is only few news:

  • Temporarly repaired some desing glitch in forms below articles.
  • Improved article editing.
  • Temporarly disabled link for reporting nonfunctional downloand links (its valid only for non-logged users).

October - November

od: system 19.12.2010 10:47

All maps and mods from Siegenetwork.com was mirrored on this site. Its only remain download for editing game.

Work is now mainly focused on programing.