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Character mport

Game needs these ports to be open:

  • 80 TCP - Autoupdate, news
  • 2300 UDP - Zonematch services
  • 6073 UDP - Primary inbound/outbound port
  • 2302-2400 UDP - Secondary inbound port
  • 2303-2400 UDP - Secondary outbound port


Zonematch was the service from Microsoft. In December 2007 the service has stopped

Microsoft Game Studios has made the decision to retire player matchmaking services for Dungeon Siege. We are proud to have hosted these services and would like to personally thank you for being loyal to our games. You will still be able to play your games and create matches within your game; however, matches will no longer be hosted by Microsoft Game Studios.

Best regards,
Microsoft Games Support

Zonematch was an easy way to find a free game from around the world and connect to it.

As replacement the fans created a service Dungeon Siege Game Zone. Service web site provides a list of active games from registered users. Then anyone can join to these games. Unfortunately, sometime in December 2009 was a part of the service hacked and since then it has been inactive.

For this reason decided to create a similar program that will provide players the option to search for active games and players. DS-Tray Program will be available sometime around March


Create a game over the Internet. You must know the opponent IP, and IP must be public. If the player is connected via the router (typically the home gateway, through which it is connected multiple computers), a connection is sometimes problematic. If you have non-public IP provider, you are usually without chance. Warning - that only concerns you when you would like to host a game! Join to someone is ok.


Scans the local network and finds an active game. These are show in the list, where it can be easily choosen. It is the most ideal connection. The disadvantage is requirement to be on the same network (eg. home or school network). Workaround for this disadvantage its virtual network (VPN). To create a VPN in 2010 are suitable two programs:

The first is Hamachi. The program its already for long-time. The disadvantage is the limitation-Free version. It allows only 16 users in one network and a maximum of 64 networks.

Relatively recently emerged EasyVPN from COMODO. Unlike the Hamachi, there its no limit on number of users on the network.


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