Utraean Peninsula

Pit of Despair | Utraean Circle | Trial of Gallus

Pit of Despair

Pit of Despair

Pit Of Despair

Our favorite hole can be found south from Lang. South from Lang you encounter a merchant. From him you turn left, here you find a hole. Beware of Forest Spiked Maw.

První bludiště

First level

Pick 3 skull. With them you can open the door to the next level. You find a chest here too. The chests that you see when you arrive from the surface its end of this whole maze.

Second level

Pit of Despair - level 2

Keep the direction EXACTLY according to the map (in the dark, you can easily disorient) and get to the next level.

třetí bludiště

Third level

In the corners are four artifacts to collect. When you will have all four artifacts, place them to stand around the center. Then pick ANKH, which lies in the middle and open the door ANKH DOOR to the next level.

Fourth level

Pit of Despair - level 3

The fourth level is a labyrinth of stairs, so keep direction according to maps very carefully... When you reach the end, you will find yourself at the beginning. You can clear chests and leave this place.

Utraean Circle

Utraean Circle

Your main task is to get all nine townstones and bring them to Hirot. After you find the first stone and get the Signet Ring of the Protectors Utraean, its don't matter on order you get stones.

Ancient crypts

Elddim Townstone

Talk to a priest in the church, She give you first quest. Elddim townstone can be found in acient Crypt (east of town). In the first sarcophagus on which you find there. Go back to priest. You get the ring and the recommendation to travel to next city.

Crystwind Townstone

Crystwind stone

The priest tells you that you have to talk to locals. One local citizen tells you that he can exchange townstone for a rune stone of Diamond. This rune has Krug magician near town.

Fallraen stone

Fallraen Townstone

First of all, talk with the priest. (otherwise you will not be able pick the townstone). He tells you where found a townstone. North from city its  Furok Cave. In it you will find the corpse and the second priest with townstone. You can revive the priest (to feel good:). Return with stone back to city.

Meren Townstone

Meren stone

Talk with the priest. He tells you that the townstone is in the temple somewhere in the south. Go south to Lang. When you encounter a merchant get to right along the cliff. Walk up to the shrine. And watch out for bandits.

Lang stone

Lang Townstone

You get townstone after smaltalk with the priest;)

Quillrabe Townstone

Quillrabe stone

In Quillrabe talk to a priest and then go to Hirot. Stone Dragon Queen has townstone. You certainly don't miss her.

Hirot Townstone

Hirots townstone its already on its place.

Grescal stone

Grescal Townstone

In Grescal talk to the priest. He tells you that the stone is in the Abandoned Ruins near the town. ear trade with potions look for torches - they lead you into the ruins. Do not forget to inspect the wall, there are two bricks to open the secret door. After one from them, you can also find townstone.

Ten stone

In Hirot place all the pieces on Utraean Circle - they will open the way to the underground. Before you enter,go talk to the priest - you get the tenth stone. Tenth stone put in underground at the altar. When you return to the priest you get Utraean Helm. Furthermore, in the underground you will find the book Trial of Gallus.

Trial of Gallus

(Slepičí zkouška ;)


Trial of Gallus is part parody, partialy list of those who worked on the DS and partialy parody of the secret cow level in Diablo II. It is not a task that would show you in the journal. You can do this quest when you found book Trial of Gallus at the end of the main quest. The book is a enigma:

Climb to the sky on the sunbaked mesa
Give to the moon with the treble stones
Place down the eye of the crystal temple
Gift of the steel from a virgin hand
The final piece within your grasp
A leap of faith convenes his trial.
Fury's Eye

If you do not already have Fury's eye, head out on the map of Kingdom Ehb to Jeriah's Cabin (the crystal caves). In the crystal caves go to the point where is the underground temple. In the last room (there are several chests) is the active center of the room floor - after the opening secret chamber, you will there find Fury's eye.

Starting knife

To obtain the knives you need two computers. Colleague will set up a game, you join-in and create a new character. Throw down your knife as soon after launch. Log out and log in again with your character and pick up a knife.
For the advanced users: in dungeonsiege.ini add the line: multi = true  it allows you to run multiple copies of the DS on one account.

Book Trial of Gallus

You get this when you complete the main quest (Utraean Circle - viz. Above)

Forgotten Mesa

Forrgoten Mesa

Once you have all three items so you can travel from Crystwindu to Quillrabe (or vice versa) on the way you see a soldier standing at the elevator. Take a lift. You'll find another elevator - go up again. Now you are on the platform where its waiting a dragon, and behind him it is a secret entrance to Forrgoten Mesa (which opens only when you have the book Triall of Gallus).
Here are some elevators to get to the place where lies on the ground three plates. The direction in which you came place gradually: Fury's eye, knife and a book. If you do this correctly, objects disappear and elevator come which take you to entrance to the hens.


In the dungeon is about 30 chickens named after the developers DS and tap (Chris Taylor). In a separate room its Colonel Noric. Hens have a high defense and high attack. It is very important that you were well-dressed. Characters who are purely focused on the Nature Magic or Ranged will have will have "minor" trouble to kill at least one hen (if alone). Generally speaking, if you do not kill in 5 minutes or so per hen you are probably not yet sufficiently prepared.
Colonel Noric - He has strongest defense and highest attack (540-850). It is good to use magic Shared Pain or Pain Reflux (returns 30-50% damage). Otherwise, you will need something with piercing damage.

Good luck.


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