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Ten Thousand Years have passed since a Great and powerful weapon ravaged the land. It was said that this weapon was the brainchild of a Torian sorceress, Europa. This weapon, after it had on its own devastated all the enemies of Toria, turned on the city-state itself, forcing the sorceress to cast it apart into 8 elemental gems, which were scattered throughout the continent of Toria, never to be seen again.

Today, archeologists in the vale of Sormonaya, the one most desolate and monster ridden places on the continent, have discovered an ancient tomb, and in this tomb is inscribed on the walls the story of these gems and the way to reunite them. Now, the evil Drakleth of Techxonocticlan are after the gems in order to reunite the weapon and gain control over the world.

The Torian Chronicles is divided into 4 parts and maps.

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