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Site unavailable [en]

od: system 5.4.2015 21:35


Today was site temporarilly unavailable. It was because I changed PHP version and I don't have enough time, to do code cleanup to prevent site blackout.

Please accept my apology.

September 2011 - Januar 2013 [en]

od: system 14.2.2013 05:21

After long silence - short info:

Error in configuration of this site, which cause recently nonavailability of this site, was removed. My apologies for Everyone.

After year i learn how to combine my child, family, job and development of this site together, so i hope it push things forward in near future.

I buy domain, where will be moved this site, after i complete new version.

April - August [en]

od: system 31.7.2011 16:16

For past few months, and possible in next 3 months, there will be no updates on site. I focus on getting done major script change under hood, so i will be able make changes in code more easily.

PS.: I hear that Dungeon Siege 3 was released :p , but this site is focused only on DS1, so don't try find something for DS3 here.

December - March [en]

od: system 30.3.2011 17:07

After long time, there is small update. Real-life is requesting more time, so there is only few news:

  • Temporarly repaired some desing glitch in forms below articles.
  • Improved article editing.
  • Temporarly disabled link for reporting nonfunctional downloand links (its valid only for non-logged users).


od: system 19.12.2010 10:47

All maps and mods from was mirrored on this site. Its only remain download for editing game.

Work is now mainly focused on programing.


od: system 6.10.2010 21:42

Download section is filling up with downloads from dying Some files has wanished, some files We have on hardisk and some files was founded. After transfer all existing files from siegenetwork, we will continue filling up other site content.

Some interesing mods:

  • Meriwethen - minimap, very beatifull map, with simple, fully functional quest and with original music.
  • Hard Cider Farm - minimap, small minimap built for new ranged players, or other new characters. Map is not for newbie, because there is a LOT of monsters. Map have 3 starting position for multiplayer. Good for team work training.

July - September

od: system 25.9.2010 14:44

During last two months we're move to the new home, so there was no time to add some content.

  • Errors in articles rating was repaied.  Total rating will be eventualy changed, to better reflect reality.
  • On start page the picture is changing automatically.
  • Functonal page with FAQ. Content will be added gradually.
  • Added content into download section.


od: system 3.7.2010 09:32

Development of Dungeon Siege III was officialy confirmed. Find out more in forum [cs].

Other News:

  • Completed News Archive.
  • Added advertisement for DS:LoA - for now only for customers from Czech and Slovak Republic.
  • Rating for download section its done. Rating is counted from visits and from download count (Ratio can be futher adjusted in the future).
  • Videos can be played directly from web.
  • Some new download added.

In July: FAQ section is being prepared.




od: system 4.6.2010 13:18

Pages have almost a complete administration for Download section. Some bugs was removed and some download added.

For mods and maps besides common data (filesize, number of downloads, etc.) will be stored also information about mod CRC, through which it will be possible in future to identify for example whether mods are compatible with the opponents mods, when playing via network. At the same time for mods and maps are provided also record for changes on the gameplaying.

The record "Changes" has values: Legit, Balanced, Neutral, Unbalanced, Cheat and Unknown. It will serve as a guide, when selecting modes with regard to character development. Legit, balanced and neutral are the changes that will not destroy the character in the sense that you would need less effort to get more experience. The unbalanced and cheat will be exactly the opposite. Mods changes will be discussed in the forum (in time). Until then i will set changes myself, or according to your written contributions.

Game Setting

od: system 5.4.2010 17:25

After a month there is something new ...

A Article describing the game settings to give you maximum enjoyment from the game was added. Its describe the video card settings, startup options and commands in the game, including cheats. For the future, i want write a article how to run Dungeon Siege on the account with limited privileges, on Windows Vista, etc. But before that, there should be published a FAQ section.

Moreover, I worked on the administration interface.

Download section and articles

od: system 23.2.2010 20:46

Download section its released. There is still lot a work, but most basic function is finished and functional. An important feature is "Changes" parameter. Parameter "Changes"  has this values: Legit, Balanced, Unknown, Unbalanced and Cheat - the meaning is quite self-description. Another novelty is the ability to determine whether the mod is not compatible with any other mods. (user-end not yet implemented)

In other sections were added two articles. The first describes the basics of game mechanics - how to calculate statistics in combat, experiences and points to some errors in the game. The second article is transcribed from the old site, and includes sets from DS and DS:LOA. These articles are not yet translated.

What's new...

od: system 29.1.2010 05:33

First thig, you can already register. If there were any problems, it is possible that registering will be sometimes suspended, until the problem its solved.

The menu added further translated articles. Specifically: Titles from DS, guide for LOA, link to old forum (czech only) and basics for Multiplayer. Ad. Forum: there will be also multilangual forum .. in time.

The most important news is that we will have a replacement for Zonematch. hire a programator to create a program DS-Tray, which allows to monitor who host DS-game and all the necessary information. In addition, the application will be able store items from the inventory. This will allow us trade on the Web, and perhaps it will also expand DS community ;). The application will be issued in March.

First articles

od: Psychopat 16.1.2010 16:29

In menu You find first three articles. They are even translated into english (somehow - be patience with my gibberish, or send me email and you get rights to edit articles ;)

Link for registration will be there before end of Month.

Nový rok [cs]

od: system 31.12.2009 18:54

Přeji všem šťastný nový rok, všem hráčům a předevsím lidem, kteří se starají o dodržování pravidel na webu (Crazy_Horse), nebo pracují na nových stránkách a rozšířeních hry.