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  • Autor: Irwin Ryan
  • Last version: 0.9
  • files size: 4,05 MB (4 247 429 B)
  • required: DS:LoA,
  • downloaded: 1941

Dungeon Siege Adepts is a modification for Dungeon Siege(TM) by Gas Powered Games, Inc. (TM). It is primarily for singleplayer but will work in multiplayer.  

This modification attempts to improve the gameplay of Dungeon Siege by making a number of fundamental changes. As the name suggests, characters and monsters are far smarter than normal and this leads to some pretty intense and spectacular battles, rather than a long, drawn out brawls against solo monsters and small mobs. It is also a lot harder than normal play, and some forgotten aspects of RPG's like resurrection and spell healing make a comeback and are an essential part of gameplay (potions are still available but provide more of a support role than being the main avenue of healing characters). It can be played on the Kingdom of Ehb, Legends of Aranna or Legends of Utrae v2.0.

There are a number of additional changes like throwing weapons, changes to spells & some weapons, additional starting characters added like Ghastley's Naja, Snowfox's Goblin, Half-Giants & Utraeans. It also includes Lokiswaq's BufUI and Flam's autocast mod. Please refer to the readme files for the full list for each version of the mod.

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