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  • Autor: Ikkyo
  • Last version: 0.9.0
  • files size: 21,08 MB (22 100 034 B)
  • required: DS:LoA, DS 1.11,
  • downloaded: 6644

A collection of features including a playable armored gargoyle, enhanced spell selection, new spells, new hairstyles, adjustable camera through in-game options menu, new weapons and a crafting cube.

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readme LOA.txt

Dungeon Siege Revived LoA v0.9.0 By Jason 'Ikkyo' Gripp ( and Francisco 'Omniscient_Colossus' Athens ( January 28, 2004 ===================================== I. Introduction Dungeon Siege Revived is a modification for Dungeon Siege(TM) by Gas Powered Games, Inc.(TM). It adds a load of new features, including quest saves, new items, new playable characters, and new spells. Each new item and spell has been meticulously balanced with the other items in the game to provide seamless integration with the stock Dungeon Siege items and spells, 80+ new items in ALL! Other notable features include dynamically adjustable camera angle restrictions, a playable armored gargoyle, enhanced spell selection, and multiplayer quest saving. Here's the hopefully complete list of new features: Features ============================ [X] Dynamically adjustable camera angle restrictions [X] Playable Monster Character -Gargoyle, Drake [X] MP QuestSave [X] Cube of Crafting -GUI based crafting system [X] Enhanced Spellicons [X] New heads for farmgirl [X] Global Über level-up messages [X] Character level displayed on character sheet [X] Persistent monster kills counter [X] Increase ranged damage +1 per dexterity [X] Str+Dex weapons -Katana, Daikatana, Wakizashi, Ninjato [X] "Beastfu" melee weapons -7 katar variations [X] Staff based melee weapons -Bisento, Nagamaki, Yari, Trident, Quarterstaff, Iron Staff [X] Throwing weapons -Throwing Knives (str+dex), Throwing Axes (str+dex) [X] Thrown Potions (limited supply) -Exploding Potions [X] Omniscient_Colossus's Protoweapons -Electrode Arc Cannon, Electrode Arc Rifle, Rip-Tooth, Roto-Ring [X] New Nature Magic -Frost, Teleport, Haste, Telekinesis [X] Ranged+Combat Hybrid Magic -Fire Arrow, Exploding Arrow [X] Ranged+Natural Hybrid Magic -Charged Arrow, Cold Arrow [X] Melee+Nature Magic -New Charged Fist, Frozen Fist [X] Ranged Skills -Quick-shot, Double Shot [X] New unique weapons -Bloodletter (Short Sword), Masamune (Daikatana), Caedus Lunari (Hammer) [X] New swords -Horror Falchion, Horror Blade, Terror Blade, Short Horror Blade [X] New helms -Kasa, Spikey Helm, Magical Winged Helm, Athena helm, Ritual Helm -Ancient Helm [X] New body-armor -Blood Armor [X] Unlocked player skins [X] Wigs (Female only) [X] Magical Hair Ribbons (Female only) [X] New rollover box [X] MP Packmule [X] New prefixes and suffixes -+All stats, haste boots, IAS weapons [X] Dwarf, Gargoyle, Skeleton, and Half-Giant playable in Single Player [X] Gameplay tweaks -Increased range on some bows -Increased Arrow/Spell auto-shoot range -Removed circle around focused character's feet -Lengthen summon time on all summons -Sped up some summons -Ability to resummon before old summon expires -Disabled Hint Popups -Increased XP from casting healing spells -Increased XP and gold from transmuting -Rings and amulets can now spawn with 2 -fixes (rarely) -Increased maximum gold limit to 99,999,999 Screenshots and more information can be found here: II. Installation and Usage There are a couple methods that you can use to install this modification. The first method is the most robust, and allows you to easily change from running Dungeon Siege Revived to not running it. First, unzip the Revived .zip file you downloaded into your root Dungeon Siege folder. (Usually "C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesDungeon Siege"). This should create a new folder named "Revived_LoA" with all the Revived files in place. (revived_loa.dsres, ikkyo_loa.dsdll, and readme.txt). Now you need to setup a new shortcut to run Revived. The easiest way is to make a copy of your old Dungeon Siege shortcut and change the target. An example is provided in the zip. Set the TARGET of the new shortcut to ============================================================================= "C:GamesDungeon SiegeDSLOA.exe" res_paths=Revived_LoA dsdll_path=Revived_LoA ============================================================================= or wherever your DSLOA.exe is located. The res_paths and dsdll_path entries are the most important. Make sure you didn't make any typos! This way executing the new shortcut will automatically start a game of Dungeon Siege Revived. While executing the old shortcut will start a game of unmodified Dungeon Siege. The second method is to copy the revived_loa.dsres file into your "Dungeon SiegeDSLOA" folder. (Usually "C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesDungeon SiegeDSLOA") Also copy the ikkyo_loa.dsdll file into your root Dungeon Siege folder (Usually "C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesDungeon Siege") More installation help can be found here: If you are using Windows 95/98/ME, you will also need to copy the dbghelp.dll file provided in the zip into your root Dungeon Siege folder. Make sure to remove any previous version of this mod when upgrading from an older version. This modification starts working immediately after installing it. Quests are automatically saved periodically (every 60 seconds) and when you exit the game. There's no extra interaction required from the user. To be extra safe, the user can click the "Save Quests" button on the game menu. The "Reset Quests" button will erase all quest state information stored in your character file. This can only be done from the host of the game, and will only affect the character who clicks on it. All items new to Revived will _not_ function if you go back into an unmodified game of Dungeon Siege. III. Removal To remove this modification, delete the revived.dsres, ikkyo.dsdll, and dbghelp.dll files. Or, more simply, the Revived folder if you chose that method of installation. IV. Compatibility Issues This mod will conflict with other mods that modify the base templates. I don't know which ones, but be warned. This mod should be compatible with all versions of Dungeon Siege >= 1.1. There are no conflicts for characters brought in from "normal" Dungeon Siege games, quests will just be uncompleted initially. All players need a copy of this modification to play in other's games. You are advised not to use other modifications while running Dungeon Siege Revived, as you will most likely run into problems. This mod will only work with Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna's DSLOA.exe. To use this mod in normal Dungeon Siege or with LoA's DungeonSiege.exe, please use the non-LoA version of Revived instead. It's a seperate download. V. Changelog v0.9.0 ========== -initial release VI. Information about the Authors Jason 'Ikkyo' Gripp email: I'm just a freelance coder. My biggest project has probably been Desert Crisis (, a Half-Life mod. There I am the lead/only coder. I also created the semi-popular Multiplayer Quest Save mod for the original Dungeon Siege. That mod is integrated fully into this one. Send any bugs/issues or suggestions to me via email. You may also contact me on the message boards if you wish. I haven't tested the whole game yet, so the comments will be appreciated. Francisco 'Omniscient_Colossus' Athens email: Francisco (Omniscient_Colossus) Athens is a visual artist in both logical and physical medias - modeling, animation and figure sculpture. He's known in the DS community for his Whips mod and Weapons/Armor Packs. Contributions to this mod include models for: throwing and melee weapons, goblin invention models and sound fx, hairdos, helmets; armored models and new animations for gargoyle; and new spell icon graphics. More information and downloads may be found on his Herena Forge website at Please credit Omniscient Colossus if you use his work in your mod with the following statement: Custom by Omniscient Colossus, VII. Additional Credits -Icemage for initial work on spellicons -Richard Ballantyne for use of his throwing weapon templates -Tomcat39 for work on hungry_protoweapons_magic.skrit -Dreadscythe for designing the Trident and Arc Rifle VIII. Legal Rhetoric This document and associated data files are Copyright 2004 by Jason 'Ikkyo' Gripp. All rights reserved. or Copyright 2004 by Francisco 'Omniscient_Colossus' Athens. All rights reserved. All code and art contained herein is the intellectual property of the author (and, in specifically noted cases, of Gas Powered Games, Inc., and other entities). You may modify and/or redistribute this work if you properly credit the authors for the work they have done. Dungeon Siege is a registered trademark of Gas Powered Games, Inc. and Microsoft, Inc.