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  • Autor: Witness
  • Last version: 1.1
  • files size: 1.004,77 kB (1 028 882 B)
  • required: DS 1.10, DS 1.11,
  • downloaded: 1770

A set of Arwen skins (face, robe armor, gloves, boots, inventory icons) based on the Lord of the Rings movie.

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added: 2010-10-10 17:59:00 Last update: 2010-10-10 17:59:00

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Arwen Undómiel/Evenstar LoTR Skins Pack -------------------------------------- Version: 1.1 Author: Witness (Lisa Hui) Source: -------------------------------------- This package contains a group of Arwen-related skins (or reasonable attempt at them), modeled after her character in the LoTR movie. Version 1.1 Changes: -updated the items to be droppable (added them to the pcontent pool) -updated various files to make them Dungeon Siege v1.1 friendly -changed the image names to lower the probability that it will conflict with any other mods -converted the robe skin graphic to Dungeon Siege RAW format to decrease filesize Included custom images are for the: -face -robe body armor -boots -gloves -amulet -sword Installation: 1. Place the included ArwenEvenstar_Skins.dsres in your "Dungeon Siege/Resources" directory (which is in wherever DS is installed). This will enable you to see other players using this skin and edit your current character(s) to use the skins. 2. Place the included ArwenEvenstar_Items.dsres in your "Dungeon Siege/Resources" directory. This will enable her spiffy items. Either creating a new character OR visiting the included map (multiplayer only!) to pick up the items will make them available to you, free of charge. 3. Place the included ArwenEvenstar_MakeNewCharacter.dsres in your "Dungeon Siege/Resources" directory. This will allow you to select the Arwen face skin in the Create New Character window. It disables all other farmgirl face skins so you don't have to flip through the list to look for it. You should deactivate or delete this after you've gotten the character/items desired. 4. Place the included ArwenEvenstar_ItemsMap*.dsmap in your "My Documents/Dungeon Siege/Maps" or "Program Files/Dungeon Siege/Maps" directory IF you just want to get the items and don't want to create a new character. *Note: Two maps have been included, one that is compatible with Dungeon Siege v1.1 and one that is compatible with Dungeon Siege v1.0. I can no longer test for DS v1.0 compatibility, so if you run into any problems with that version, feel free to report them to me at or posting in the forums at (registration not required). Compatibility: Should work with any mod that doesn't also fudge with the game's list of faces and hair skins by adding the same skin names. I've separated the modifications into different .dsres files so that you can decide how much of this skin's features you want to support. Thanks to Trailstorm-Radeem for the use of his "Radeem's Bazaar" map template!