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  • Autor: Rockman
  • Last version: 1.0
  • files size: 263,24 kB (269 556 B)
  • required: DS 1.11,
  • downloaded: 1590

This is a map that has all the base items (i.e. no modifiers) dropped on the ground and ready to be picked up. I included every base armor, helmet, boots, gloves and weapons in DS, straight from the Siege Editor. I even threw in items not normally found in the game (as far as i know) including: Diamond Sword, Cowboy Hat and the Spellbook variants.

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added: 2010-10-06 21:00:27 Last update: 2010-10-06 21:00:27

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=============== Treasuremap 1.0 =============== Basically a map that has all the base items dropped and ready to go for u, i included every base armor,helmet,boots,gloves and weapons in ds, straight from siege editor. I even threw in items not normally found in the game (as far as i know) including: Diamond Sword Cowboy Hat Spell Books (some cool ones with pictures on them) lots of other stuff I have tested this map thorughly, i suggest u use this map either to look at items u havent seen yet, or to use these base items as a working template to make modded items (thats what i am doing =) I dont think there are bugs, although the sides of the map kinda glitch a little when running from a distance, the map is big, i should eventually scale it down a bit. Another issue is u should hit the hide item labels button becuase with so many items on screen it gets diffucult to see or move around, so i whould hit the hide labels button, this helps. I need to auctually make a map for this, this map its on now is a randomly generated one using a program i found. It works for now, for my basic version. NOTE: None of the items have enhancements, as in like prefix or suffix or any +'s to stats, with seige editor i dont know how to make them drop with random pccontent, i havent really looked hard into it. If anyone can help me get it so that the items have enhanements or will spawn pccontent every time u load the map, that whould be cool...get ahold of me at This map was originall intened to be a base where i could come in and try all the armors on, to see them all plus see which ones i wanted to mod later, and then i decided why not make it a map and share with everyone else. You could make a newbie charchter, come to this map grab what u need, including super mana/health potions and spells, then just switch over to ehb or uturealn and play normal, whenever u need a boost in items, just load up this map and go treasure hunting =) Any comments or suggestions @ my first map, my first time using siege editor and my first submission to sigenetwork. i included the town stones and fury eye just for the heck of it. There are a few missing items, even though i made sure i got them all off the list on siege editor, it seems the Serpentine helm is missing, or at least i dont see it on the list, probally some other ones missing too. Also unless i missed it, there are no crossbows in siege editor, or at least not placable, u whould think it whould be under bows or weapons...but nope. hmmm.... this map will be 10x better when i can make the items have enhancements =) hope u enjoy this map, finally a place for newbs to get a head start.