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mod thumbnailHard Cider Farm


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  • Autor: Mikie50
  • Last version: 3.0
  • files size: 1,73 MB (1 814 484 B)
  • required: DS 1.11,
  • downloaded: 1173

This is a small mini map built for new ranged players, single player action, but it also supports 3 starting positions for multiplayer. Ideal play in MP is 1 Mage and 1 Archer and takes real team work!

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added: 2010-10-06 20:21:39 Last update: 2010-10-06 20:21:39

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{rtf1ansiansicpg1252uc0deff0{fonttbl {f0fromanfcharset0fprq2 Times New Roman;} {f1fromanfcharset2fprq2 Symbol;}} {colortbl;red255green0blue0;red0green0blue0;} {info{comment TX_RTF32 8.0.300.500}} deftab720paperw12240paperh15840margl1800margt1440margr1800margb1440pardplainf0fs20 ***********************************************************************************par ***********************************************************************************parpar Map: Hard Cider Farmpar Version: 3.0par By: plainf0fs20 Mikie50plainf0fs20par Date: 01-26-03parpar ***********************************************************************************parpar This is a small mini map built for new ranged players. Built for single player action , it does support 3 startingpar positions for MP. Ideal play in MP is 1 Mage and 1 Archer and takes real team work!parpar Since the only controll you have in DS is where you position yourself , much thought has gone into just that.par Playing new from scratch , you will have to shoot and move many times to destroy your foe. Take more onpar than 1 at a time and death is at hand. This is NOT a mod, so use none :)parpar Remember a true Archer wears , gloves , boots , soft hat , leather armor (if any) , and jewelry. An archer shootspar and moves. He does not go toe to toe with the foe. That is left for the slower witted Melee player :)par Many times your foe will have greater armor and far superior weapons. Shoot and move.par You should finish in around 2.5 - 3 hours and level out in the 40's.par Easy level is for newbees and hard is for you Archers.par Much treasure.par 541 bad guysparparpar ***********************************************************************************parpar Changes: Many health potions removed and others down sized.par Starting bow not as powerful.par access to raised area now possiblepar Some more eye candypar 1 mean bearparpar ***********************************************************************************parpar Comments: Mikie50@hotmail.compar May use all or any part of map. Please give credit where due.par Enjoy :) Mikie50 aka Sheemoorhapar Thankx GPGparpardpar }