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  • Autor: Anthony Humphrey
  • Last version: 1.0
  • files size: 21,58 MB (22 623 348 B)
  • required: DS:LoA,
  • downloaded: 2462

Trade in the markets of Sky city among the clouds, Ride the teleporters to distant islands, solve the quests and save Sky city from destruction. For up to 8 players, level 65+.

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added: 2010-10-07 17:09:49 Last update: 2010-10-07 17:11:08

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==========Islane By Anthony Humphrey========== ============================================== Requires Dungeon Siege LOA V1.5 or higher, and Player characters of 65th level plus. Just install the following files Islane.dsmap to C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Dungeon Siege/Maps islane.dsres to C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Dungeon Siege/Resources Islane is designed as a mid to high level multiplayer gaming map for LOA. It is set as a collection of various types of islands linked together, some associated with a main story others not. Acknowledgements: To GPG for coming up with such a great game, friends and family who have put in time and suggestions especially play testing. Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if this map wrecks your game,system,life. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Known Issues: If you un-tank the map, middle_island does not load up in Editor in DSX mode. I upgraded while creating this region and something went potty. New templates were created for the mod so the dsres file should not mess up other mods, but not necessarily vice-versa. Copyright Issues: Generally if you want to use bits, ideas or content feel free. If you like monsters or bits out of the dsres file use them on your own projects, feel free to un-tank the map and see how I did things. However I do not give permission for alterations that vary islane, ie I'm not keen on hacked versions with bits added, amended or deleted from the original Islane. Future: Please report any bugs you find, I can be found at I don't intend much change to Islane in the future (maybe more detail) working on new projects (Animal Farm) and a PvP map would love to find someone who can come up with a weapon skrit/template that can only exist in an active game and must drop on death despite the game settings. Hope this expands your Dungeon Siege gaming world and helps other modders with their own projects.