Legends of Arana

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Chapter I.

Shadows of the Past

First Trial

First Trial

Talk to the mayor, Hardison Dhon, in the center of the village. He'll ask you to slay the monsters that ambushed their caravans and threaten more attacks on the town. Once you've spoken to Hardison, he will open the northern gate to Snowy Canyon. Head North until you reach a cave marked "Cold Storage", then charge inside to defeat the Ice Giant boss.The mayor will reward you with a Backpack, five Resurrect scrolls, an Orb of Fire scroll, a Helm of Khar, and some potions.

The Trapper

The Trapper

To the west of where you spoke to the mayor is another small hut that is home to a man named Kron. Speak with him to learn about a bear that he'd like you to dispatch of. When you head North into Snowy Canyon, be sure to explore near the bridge where you'll meet up with Jondar. The bear, "Yellow Eye", will be nearby. Kron will give you 90 Gold Pieces. 

Family bow

Family Bow

Speak with Reynard, who you can find in the tower at the western gate of Arhok. He'll ask you to deliver a bow to Lyssa. Take the bow and head West through the Frozen Lake until you come up to the entrance to the Caves of the Lost. Lyssa will be standing just outside the entrance, so give her the bow and recruit her if you'd like.


The Staff of Stars

This is the primary quest throughout the Legends of Aranna expansion and is given to you by the Arhok mayor, Hardison Dhon. However, you'll only receive this quest after you have completed the "First Trial" quest. Make your way through all five chapters of the expansion and defeat the Shadowjumper to reclaim the Staff of Stars.

Chapter II.

Island of Legends

A giant task

A giant task

Talk to Najj on the beach after arriving on the island and allow him to join your party. Find Najj’s tribesmen at the Fen of the Frozen.

Recover Ilorn's amulet

Talk to Ilorn, the Utraean trader, who is standing on the beach with his carts. Defeat the Jungle Slinger mini-boss, which you'll encounter to the north. It drops Ilorn’s Amulet. After that you can trade with Ilorn.

Wizard city

The Wizard City

Talk to the elder Quadydhar who is standing in the central square of Illicor. Clear Illicor of the Zaurask, which are found in the south-western corner of the city. As reward you can now trade with the citizens of Illicor.

Therg's Apprentice

Talk to Ezmera on your way out of Illicor, she will ask you to find Algher Mhankur, the missing scribe who went with the historian Therg. Find Algher at the Dig Site. As reward you can take Algher as an addition to your party.

The Stone of Lhaoc

Talk to Algher Mhankur when you first meet him. You find the stone in Xot’s Pass during Chapter Four.As reward you can keep the Stone of Lhaoc, which can be equipped as an amulet and adds two points to a character’s melee skill.

The Dark Acolytes

The Dark Acolytes

Talk to Kirr, the half-giant chief in The Fen of the Frozen. Defeat all of the dark acolytes which are on the other side of the swamp near the glowing red sarcophagus.

The Scourge of Cicatrix

Talk to Konus who can be found near the entrance Cicatrix’s lair. Defeat Cicatrix, the undead centaur in The Mountain of the Dead.

Special Delivery

Talk to Nirr, he asks you to deliver a letter to his son Jaff, who is supposed to be in Xulphae’s Cove. After arriving at Xulphae’s Cove, you discover Jaff went as part of a delegation to Nossirom. He can now be found at the cave entrance to Nossirom’s lair.

Chapter III.

The Crown and the Cut

The Sacred Guardian

The Sacred Guardian

Talk to the dying guardian after arriving at Jerkal’s Crown. Destroy the dark generator that is attached to the displacer at the end of Jerkal’s Crown.

The Horror of the Runemaster

Talk to Bran Torath, who was separated from his son, Lhuk Torath, by the Rune Master. Defeat the Rune Master and the Rune Guardian.After that you can trade with Lhuk Torath.

The Sunken Tower

Talk to Therg the Historian, located just outside Kmethket Tower. Fight your way through the tower until you find an exit.

Chapter IV.

Pilgrimage of Redemption

The Healing Well

The Healing Well

Talk to Eradi in Xulphae’s Cove, she asks you to finish their ceremony and remove the Zaurask from the Healing Well.  Defeat all the Zaurask around the Healing Well. The Well will be no longer polluted, and now restores health when near it.


Talk to Uelda, her husband Umberteen was captured by the Droc and she asks you to rescue him. You can find Umberteen in a cave full of water just after you defeat the mini-boss, the Great Krakbone. Defeat all the Droc around him and destroy the cage he is in. He gives you his spell book, the “Book of Trickery”, which already has a few spells within it.


After rescuing Umberteen, he asks you to locate his brother Ghage who is in Xulphae’s Cove and let him know that he is safe. After reaching Xulphae’s Cove, Ghage is in the first cave that you come across. Simply talk to him to complete the quest and also he give you another quest.

Nossirom's Fall

Talk to Ghage in Xulphae’s Cove, he asks you to defeat Nossirom, the Zaurask king. Defeat Nossirom, located in the Stronghold.

Crystal Guardians

Talk to the goblin merchant, Neener, located in his store “Neener’s Emporium” in the Stronghold. Defeat the four Crystal Guardians so that you can pursue the Shadow Jumper to Mount Kreth.

Chapter V.

The Countdown

Defeat Shadowjumper

Although this "quest" won't actually show up in your journal, it's your primary objective to end the game in Chapter Five. Make your way to the Great Clock to confront Shadowjumper and his lieutenants before they can carry out their shady plans to destroy the island. We reccomended to destroy all dark generators, before you defeat shadowjumper.


Secret disco level

Door to disco level

The Door you see on picture, its on the way through the goblin liar. When you kill the shadow Jumper, return to them - they will be open. Behind these doors you will find a lift to the disco-level! It offers the spell Bubberjak's Orb of Poultry and Mac Daddy Hat Cap of Procurement. Both are nice gadgets but i will consider them as illegal (too powerfull).


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