Kingdom of Ehb

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Chapter I.


Seek Gyorn in Stonebridge

As soon as you start the game an old man will come running at you (Norick). He will give you this first quest and die. On your way to Stonebridge you will meet Skartis near a broken bridge by the river. He will inform you that the path through the bridge that once led to Stonebridge is no more since the Krugs have torched the bridge down. You must find directly through the Crypts of the Sacred Blood. Talk to Gyorn as you get to Stonebridge to complete this quest. He is located just near the entrance of the town.

Clear Edgaar’s Basement

Edgaarův dům

On your way to Stonebridge you will come upon two isolated houses. The second is the house of Edgaar. Inside the house you will find Edgaar himself. Talk to him. He needs his basement to be cleaned from the Krugs and in return you can keep anything you can find down there. Get out of the house and use the trapdoor to reach the basement. Once in his basement kill all the krugs that dwell there. At the lower level of the basement you will find a few more krugs led by boss. After killing all krugs return to Edgaar for you reward. He gave you a Small Mana Potion and a Small Health Potion.

Chapter II.

Journey to the Overseer

Gyorn's Report

Gyorn ve Stonebridge

After talking to Gyorn at Stonebridge he will let you know that you have to travel to the icy town of Glacern and report about the Krug raids to the overseer there. Gyorn can also be recruited to help you in your quests. Talk to the overseer, Isben Yamas at the Lucky Hurggis Inn as soon as you reach Glacern.

A Sister’s Message

Ella ze Stonebrigské hospody

Talk to Ella Riverstarn located at the second floor of Etan’s Roost Inn at Stonebridge. She will ask to deliver a message to her sister Ada Riverstarn and tell her that she is fine. Her sister is located in one of the houses at Glacern (Its located behind Blaksmith house). The sister of Ella, Ada Riverstarn, can be found inside the northern house of Glacern along with a couple of Legionnaires. Talk to her and deliver the news of her sister to complete this quest. Ada will also reward you with a nice magical ring named Lloyd’s Ring.

Ordus’ Axe


Near Black Hammer Forge at Stonebridge you will find a burned down house. This is where you will also meet with Ordus Jarrel. He will let you know that inside the basement of the Northern Guard Tower you can find his axe and he needs you to secure it so that it won’t fall into the wrong hands. The northern Guard Tower can be found outside of Stonebridge on your way to Glitterdelve. After a short walk outside of Stonebridge you will spot the Guard tower just near the area with the bridge to your left. Get inside and use the lever there to get down to the basement of the Tower. There you will find Ordus’ Axe.

Clear Glitterdelve Pass

Stráže u severní brány

At the northern exit of Stonebridge you can find a couple of Guards. Talking to them. You need to clear the path to Glitterdelve in order for the Stonebridge Militia to be able to reach Glitterdelve. At some point while you travel to Glitterdelve you will come face to face with a Gate blocked with rocks. This is actually the path you need to clear for the Stonebridge Militia. The only problem is that in order to open the gate you have to reach it from the other site. When you touch on the gate, this quest will be updated. Now you have to get to the other side through the Wesrin Cross in order to clear the path. Near the gate you can find the entrance of Wesrin Cross. The exit of the Wesrin Cross in just near to the other site of the gate. Once you are outside, get close to the gate and blow up the explosive barrel to unblock the gate from the rocks. Open the door and go talk to the Guard Captain to complete the quest.

Rescue Torg

Záchrana Torga

When you reach Glitterdelve, a cut scene will take place showing a dwarf defeating some Krugs. The dwarf is called Gloern and has a quest for you. He needs to rescue his brother Torg from the Glitterdelve mines and will ask for your help. Gloern is willing to join your party for free in order to rescue his brother. Torg is located deep into the Glitterdelve Mines. You can find him in one of the lower rooms near the exit by using the elevators there. When you do find him, talk with him to complete this quest. He will also give you a new quest and a nice magical amulet, the Goldsniffer’s Amulet, for your efforts.

Report Torg's Findings

Torg ask you that the Overseer at Glacern has to be informed about what happened to the Glitterdelve mines

Chapter III.

The Search for Merik

Book Return

Adun v Glacernu

Talk to Apprentice Ardun at Onoc’s Magicatorium at Glacern. He requires from you to find the other two volumes of Fedwynn’s Way trilogy because he can’t leave the Magicatorium to get the books back. He will give Fedwynn’s Way volume III in order to recognize the other books. Firstly remember to take the third volume of the books from Ardun. The first volume is in the hands of the Legionnaire Archer at the south Guard Tower. The second volume is in possession Elio. His house is the one just north-east of the Magicatorium. Once you have all the three volumes of Fedwynn’s Way trilogy, return to Ardun.

Quest for Merik

Taverna v Glacernu

After talking with the Overseer at Lucky Hurggis Inn at Glacern he will give a couple of new quests. One of them is the Search for Merik Quest. The Mage, Merik, of Glacern has been missing for some time now and you have to search and find him. Deep into the Icy Caverns you will find Merik been stuck in an Ice column just near the exit of the Caverns. Break the ice to free him and watch the cut scene showing Merik explaining what is going on. You can also take Merik with you afterwards in your now new search for Merik’s Staff.

Reinforce Fortress Kroth

This is the second quest been given to you from the Overseer, Ibsen Yamas, of Glacern. He will ask you to travel to Fortress Kroth and help the Legionnaires there. This quest will be updated as soon as you get out of the Goblin Lair and talk with the Legionnaire Guards that reside just near the exit.

Homeless Blacksmith

Kovář Orlov v Glacernu

Talk with Orlov at Molten Iron Smithery in Glacern. His house has been infested with some frost creatures and you have to clear it from the Frost Golems and Splitters that now occupy the house. After a short walk north of Glacern, after the bridge, you will come to an abandon house. This is actually Orlov’s House and the one need you need to clear to complete this quest. Enter the basement of the house through the trapdoor and defeat the Frost Golems and Frost splitters that now dwell there. After you defeat all the creatures, quest will be completed.

Chapter IV.

The Warding Staff

Merik's Staff

Zmražený Merik

Once you free Merik from his ice prison he will inform you that you will need to retrieve his warding staff before it falls into the wrong hands. After getting out of the vast areas of the eastern swamp you will find your self deep into an underground compound full of strange machines and creatures. This is actually the Goblin’s Lair and the place where you will find Merik’s Staff. But you have to fight several battles before you reach the last area and the area where the Staff can be found. The only problem is that you first have to defeat a huge and lethal final robot which is actually a goblin in a large Robo Suit. Once the Huge Robot is destroyed grab the Staff to complete the quest.

Confront the Bandit Boss

Tábor cestovatelů

After traveling through the Alpine Caverns and through the Black Forest you will finally reach the Travelers Camp. There talk with Razvan whom can be found inside one of the tents. He will let you know that since the legions of the Empire withdrawn from the region they have been constantly attacked by bandits. This is where you fit in, you have to pursue that bandits and confront their boss in order for the bandit raids to stop. Exit the Travelers Camp and continue on the dimmed path along. At some point you will reach a crossroad, from there follow the path to your right and you will reach a cave entrance. Inside you will find several bandits along with the bandit boss. Once again all you have to do is to defeat the Bandit Boss and the quest will be completed.

Purify the Temple

Okraj východního močálu

Just when you reach the eastern swamp, you will find an injured man that lays near the bridge there under the sign that shows the way to Bonepickers Port. The injured man is an Azunite Scholar and he will beg you to purify his temple from the undead creatures that now defile the temple. He will also give you an Azunite Artifact which you need to clear the temple. The Azunite Temple in located deep into the eastern swamp surrounded by a cemetery. Once you reach it, be prepared to fight a large number of undead creatures that are now residents there. You have to reach the inside of the temple and place the Azunite Artifact onto the altar, but first you will have to defeat the Guardian, a wretched zombie, that guards the temple.

Chapter V.

An Ancient Evil

Reinforce Fortress Kroth

This quest will be updated as soon as you get out of the Goblin Lair and talk with the Legionnaire Guards that reside just near the exit. The quest will be transferred to Chapter 5. You now have to defeat an evil Necromancer called Gresh that is besieging Fortress Kroth. Once you get near to the Fortress you will have to face Gresh the Necromancer himself in a wondrous fight along with his skeleton minions. The quest will be complete as soon as you defeat Gresh.

Missing Treasure Hunters

Ztracení lovci pokladů

When you exit the goblin lair the path will lead you to a small settlement called the Bonepickers Post. There are a couple of houses there. In one of them you will find Gregos. Gregos is willing to handsomely reward you if you find out what happened to some treasure hunters. There are two entries into a small dungeon near the area of Bonepickers Post. One is an abandon house and the other is a set stairs that leads down to the dungeon. No matter which entrance you choose you will eventually find the bodies of the treasure Hunters Gregos mentioned inside the dungeon. You will notice it from a message from your Journal. Return to Gregos and report your finding to complete the quest and collect your reward.

Chapter VI.

Unwise Alliance

Subdue the Droog

Pevnost Kroth

Talk to Tarnish once you reach Fortress Kroth. He is sitting near the burned house at the center of the Fortress. He will tell you if you like you can try to subdue the Droog village which is located at the Cliffs of Fire, because the Droog are constantly causing trouble to the fortress and the region. Follow the path to the Cliffs of Fire and you will eventually reach the Droog Village. Continue forth inside the village until you reach the last room, in where you will find Novataya, the village elder. Once in her chamber this quest will automatically be completed. Novataya will inform you that in order to survive the Droog people have made an Unwise Alliance with the Seck. She is also a merchant so equip you party as best as you can for the task ahead.

Chapter VII.

King and Castle

Journey to Castle Ehb

Vesnice Droogů

Talk with Novataya at the Droog village and she will inform you that the Castle of Ehb is besieged by the Seck people and you must reach it so that you can prevent the Seck from capturing the secret chamber of the castle. The secret chamber is no other than the Chamber of Stars and it is the key for the Seck to unleash their full destructive power. All you have to do to complete this quest is reach the entrance of the castle.

Slay the Dragon of Rathe

Dračí sluje

As soon as you exit the Droog village you will notice a Droog warrior fighting with a Green Drake. Help him to kill the Drake and talk to him afterwards. He is called Crusader Goquua and he will ask you to slay the ancient Dragon before the Seck can free him from the Dragon’s Rathe. On your way to castle Ehb you will come to a crossing. From there follow the path to Dragon’s Rathe and it will lead you to a cave entrance. Inside you will have to fight the Ancient Dragon called Scorch. The dragon is really a tough one and has a huge amount of hit points (20 000+).

Search for the King

Hledání krále

At some point on your way to Castle Ehb you will meet Lord Bolingar. He will inform you that the King has gone missing for some time now and you much search for him and secure the castle from the Seck. Lord Bolingar can also join your party. Once in the castle you will have to reach the top and then by using the elevator there go down to the secret areas of the castle where are actually more like a dungeon or prison. In one of the rooms down there you will find the imprisoned King. Once you talk with the King this quest will be complete and the King you will give you your finals tasks.

Chapter VIII.

The Chamber of Stars

The Chamber of Stars


This final quest is given to you from King once you free him. The King will request that you travel to the Chamber of Starts and retrieve the blessed artifacts from within so that you can use them against the final fight with the Seck. He will also give the Star Key you need to access the chamber, so don’t forget to pick it up when you leave. Continue deep into the castle’s underground chambers until you reach the Star device, there use the Star key and follow the now visible path to the Chamber of Stars. Once inside the Chamber touch all four statues and enjoy the cut scene.

Vanquish the Seck

The final quest given to you from King after you free him is to destroy the remaining Seck before the will be able to free Gom. Once out of the Chamber of Stars this quest will be updated and moved to Chapter 9

Chapter IX.

Dungeon Siege

Vanquish the Seck


Defeat Gom


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