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Command line

Add parameter to shortcutThere are two ways to use it.

The first, is create shortcut to Dungeon Siege and add the required properties. After you create a shortcut, click on it with right mouse and select properties. In the Target box add the desired parameters at the end of line (see picture)


The second: Write the settings to ini file in My Documents/Dungeon Siege/Dungeonsiege.ini. Write one parameter per line.

Parameters for game startup
nosound=true Turns off all sounds including music.
nointro=true Disables the Microsoft and GPG logo movies.
fullscreen=false Forces the application to run in windowed mode.
height=y Forces the game to run at y resolution height
width=x Forces the game to run at x resolution width
bpp=n Forces the game to run in specific color depth. 16 and 32 are the parameters.
verifydata=true Instruct game to verify the integrity of its executable and resource data when it starts up.
vsync=false Disable video vsync if it is supported. Increase FPS.
bltonly=true Forces blt mode instead of flip (to work around nVidia blinking problem with older drivers)
aa_screenshots=true Uses anti-aliasing when rendering a screen shot. (may crash system with older drivers).
nospacecheck=true Skips the free disk spaces and available memory checks on startup.
simplerender=true Forces simple rendering mode. This disables multitexturing and is necessary to eliminate rendering problems for some video card/driver combinations.
asynccursor=false Disables the asynchronous cursor. This will increase FPS, but will slow down mouse response time.
turtle=true Enables auto-disconnect from a multiplayer session when a machine times out.
multi=true Allows run multiple copies of DS on the same PC

Records FPS information and outputs it to the My Documents/Dungeon Siege/Logs/Fps.log.

maxfps=n Forces game to run at a maximum FPS of n
noalttab=true prevents task switching during gameplay
nowinkeys=true disables the Windows keys
path="path" specifies the path where game should looks for additional resources. (see detail)
path=!path specifies exclusive location for resources.

Commands details

Very usefull setting. Speed up game start up, because you won't have to watch intro.
Force game to run in windowed mode. Good for FPS boost, or with setting multi=true.
height, width
Forces game run at specific width and height. In game you can set only 640x480, 800x600 a 1024x768 resolutions. On new LCD monitors you must run game in window, or you can set custom native resolution fo you monitors.
Instruct game to verify the integrity of its executable and resource data when it starts up. This will take time to run and will show a dialog box after verification of each file. If the test indicates that a file is corrupted, try reinstalling the game.
Note: Turn this option off after using it!
Disables video vsync if its supported, which can increase FPS. When vsync its disabled, it can show up one or more horizontal lines over monitor.
Use antialiasing when render a screen-shot. For better results use combination Shift + PrintScreen. Screen-shot will be without user interface.
Skips the free disk space and available memory check on startup.
Enable run multiple instance of game on one PC. Good for higger difficulty game. Its recommended to have at least 2GB+ RAM and min. dualcore CPU
Set maximal FPS at which game run. Reduce unnecesary load. For game its minimal FPS = 25 and ideal FPS = 60.
noalttab=true, nowinkeys=true
Prevents task switching during gameplay and disable Windows keys.
Specify location for aditional resources.
Parameters list
user_path My Documents/Dungeon Siege/
keys_path My Documents/Dungeon Siege/Keys/
save_path My Documents/Dungeon Siege/Save/
shots_path My Documents/Dungeon Siege/Screen Shots/
map_paths Microsoft Games/Dungeon Siege/Maps/
res_paths Microsoft Games/Dungeon Siege/Resources/
mod_paths My Documents/Dungeon Siege/Mods/
dsdll_path Microsoft Games/Dungeon Siege/
bits My Documents/Dungeon Siege/Bits/

Application settings

Options > Video

Options for video

Game resolution. You can choose only from three options. If you want custom resolution, use width and height parameters (see above).
There are 4 choices. Without shadows, simple shadows, complex shadow for party only and complex shadows for all.
Texture Filtering
Trilinear is better choice, but it slightly reduce FPS.
Gamma Correction
Adjust overall contrast.
Object detail
Adjust number of objects in game. If you want more FPS or better all-round view, set scroll to left. To right you get better scennery.

Options > Audio

Options for Audio

Enables/Disables All audio
Master Volume
Overall sound volume
Music Volume
Music sound volume
SFX Volume
Effects sound volume
Ambient Volume
Ambient volume
Voice Volume
Voice volume
Enables EAX effekts. Depends on hardware support.

Options > Input

Options for Input

Invert Camera X(Y)-Axis
Switch sides for camera moving. So if you move cursor down, camera goes up.
Use Screen Edge Tracking
Disables/Enables movig camera with edge tracking. You can move with arrows.
Camera Senzitivy
Camera senzitivy.
Mouse Senzitivy
Mouse senzitivy.
Lock Camera X(Y)-Axis
Lock camera x or y axis.

Options > Game

Options for Game

Display Onscreen Framerate
Show up FPS in left top corner. Usefull for game tuning.
Raise App Priority
Raise Game priority. Usefull for Hosting game otherwise leave default.
Text Scroll Rate
Text Scroll Rate.
Game Speed
Game speed. Work only in singleplayer.
Tutorial Tips
Disables/enables in-game tutorials tips
Game Difficulty
Game difficulty - set how much damage you receive or give to enemy.
Show Rollover Help
Disables/enables rollover help.
Blood Color
Blood color. (Red, Green and none) If you set None, its can slightly boost FPS.
Disables/enables option to send away one of party member. Works only in singleplayer.

In-game Commands

Using: In game press ENTER and write + for enabling and - for disabling command, after sign add one of command from table and hit ENTER.

Command list
rings Disables/Enables selection rings.
version Show full version of game
mouse Show/Hide cursor
movie Enables/Disables movie capturing. This setting only create bunch of screenshots, from which you must create video. Sound its not included.
resizelabels Labels on characters are bigger if you are closer to character.
gui Show/Hide user interface.
Command list - only singleplayer
zool invicibility
drdeath All stats to max (150)
sixdemonbag Add six summons spells
shootall No clicks required (??)
loefervision Disable FOG on maps.
xrayvision Show/hide textures
sniper range 100m
minjooky Very small character
maxjooky Very big character
checksinthemail You get max gold
potionaholic Add 3 mana potions and 3 healt potions.
faetehbadgar Add full set of Badger (+12 healt)

System Setting

If you want best performance, read trought this. Its few usefull tips for better game.


This was tested on windows XP, but its should work also on others windows.

  1. Start > Control Panel > NVIDIA Control Panel

Look for "Manage 3D settings", Switch on tab Program Settings and select game dungeonsiege.exe or dsloa.exe. If they are not in list, use button Add and add files dungeonsiege.exe or dsloa.exe.

nVidia - game settings

In windows you will see setting for selected apllication. For DS use Antialiasing - Mode , set value to Override any application setting. With this set property Antialiasing - Setting to value 4x or 8x and press Apply. You can see difference on picture.

Antialiasing - differencies

Instructs Dungeon Siege to verify the integrity of its executable and resource data when it starts up.


Without Yes/No its count as "I don't know".   No Yes
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