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How is Dungeon Siege different from other RPGs?


Dungeon Siege raises the action FRPG genre to the next level. First, the Siege Engine immerses the player in a gigantic, seamless 3D world, enabling the player to move effortlessly between interior and exterior environments without ever seeing a load screen. This provides a visual depth to the game-world never before seen in an fantasy RPG.

Next, the ability to control an entire party of 8 characters, instead of just one, elevates the excitement and challenges the player in new ways, covering the gamut of skills from fierce warrior to fearsome leader.

Lastly, Dungeon Siege is focused on delivering intense, over-the-top combat. The character creation process allows players to jump into the game almost immediately, without having to learn a complex rule set. You make your decisions about your character's abilities real-time as you play, choosing whether to specialize in melee combat, archery or magic as the situation requires. There are even party and inventory management tools so you can stay focused on the action, instead of minutia.


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