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  • Autor: Maa-Jussi
  • Last version: 1.0
  • files size: 46,68 kB (47 800 B)
  • required: DS:LoA,
  • downloaded: 1203

Start your singleplayer adventure as a dwarf, an utraean or even as a halfgiant. The mod includes an improved version of Maa-Jussi's previously released Singleplayer Dwarf, which now lets you choose from 10 different dwarves and even choose their outfits. You can also select one of the new farmboys or farmgirls, including utraeans and gypsies. Even the halfgiants can be selected as player-characters (the mod includes real size halfgiants and farmboy sized giantboys).

And that's not all. Maa-Jussi's Heroes won't leave their home without a backpack, a bow and some useful spells. Now you can really decide right from the start which you want become, a fighter, an archer or either kind of mage. The backpack lets you collect more loot on your way to the next shop. And if you still can't fit everything you encounter, no worries, just transmute them with the Transmute spell already in your spellbook. Let's face it, I never leave the house without it, so why should you?

Go ahead and download Maa-Jussi's Heroes and enjoy those familiar first person campaigns once more with a different character (the kind that comes prepared).

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