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  • Autor: Trailstorm-Radeem
  • Last version: 0.3b
  • files size: 3,15 MB (3 302 442 B)
  • required: DS 1.11,
  • downloaded: 1013

A large map area with some areas of interest, two mazes, a bunch of Helper Dwarves (to give you tips around the incomplete areas), some custom moods (.dsres file included), some NPCs who will eventually explain the quests, and 10 silver lions you gotta find.

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added: 2010-10-06 16:26:50 Last update: 2010-10-06 16:26:50

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***This mod includes the work of Balong anf Glassworks*** QuickStarter.dsres: 1) includes heroes.gas file with changes made by balong in the RunFast mod (lets you go 4x as fast all the time - it is easy to edit if 4x is too fast - and it makes speed starting a lot of fun) - dont forget this mod will not work with current single player games - only restarted ones 2) includes knife of skill mod made by Glassworks (the wpn_dagger.gas file is edited for this mod) I change the rate of increased damage to the knife (value=((#melee)*2.0)) for both max and min dmg - Glassworks had it at value=(((#melee)*1.5)*1.5) for max and just value=((#melee)*1.5) for min. I also made the base dagger dmg 4-12 not 4-6. **************THE BIG CHANGE WAS******************* I added an enhacement that ADDS EXPERIENCE - it also gets better with each melee level. value=(100+((#melee)*100))) 3) includes altered starting boots with added health and armor per melee level, blatantly exploitative added intelligence(+5), skill enhancement (+5 to NM, +5 to CM), and magic damage added I made these boots with the intenton of fast blasting - they are probably too powerful for most players - so just edit them to your own design 4) includes altered "atlan's armor" - with a new name of course now the armor does some sweet stuff - 20% dmg reflection, 5 life steal, and +5 melee skills. 5) includes a downright overkill lloyd's ring (ill let you discover the mods yourself)